Fanny Pack for Concealed Carry

The warmer weather is finally here and along with it has come my anxiety about the big TRIPLE C: Comfortable Concealed Carry.  

I love my Glock 19.  I am so attached to it.  But alas, it is just too big for me to carry properly unless it’s in a regular traditional holster. image No problem in the colder months, but I’ve been challenged the last few days.  I have tried many different options but at the end of the day none of them worked for the hot days of summer.  Hence, I have gone with the Glock 42 for warm weather carrying and for when I travel to states that are strictly CCW and not open carry as well which, I am happy to report, is still the case in Vermont.  Yes I know, the featured pic has my Ruger LCP.  Sadly, I do not like this gun much hence its replacement with the Glock 42.  The above photo is of my 19.  I fired over 500 rounds during 12 hours of recent Sheepdog Response training without one malfunction.  A firm grip and a Glock will never let you down.  I’m a believer.

But I digress.

Still left with the issue of wearing skirts in the summer and wanting tactical access to my pistol.  Then I watched one of my instructor’s Instagrams wearing a fanny pack.  He is using one just like the 5.11 Tactical Carry Pistol Pouch I found on Amazon.  Maybe it is the 5.11.  He does an Israeli draw and fire in 3 seconds and a regular draw (one in the pipe) and fire in 2.48 seconds.  The great thing about this pack is the option for velcro enclosure which, with practice – and I repeat, practice – offers a clean, smooth and quick draw.  It holds two additional magazines as well.  Other than that, there isn’t any real room left over for other junk such as keys, money, etc. however that’s not a negative with me because I do not want anything else rattling around and confusing things.  I’d rather wear a little back pack as well to hold other items.  This may not work for everyone but where I live, fanny packs and back packs and many combinations of both and then some are all over the place.  Blending is definitely not a problem with this kind of gear in one of the country’s top hiking destinations.

There are many different options available for CCW, and the fanny pack option is worth checking out.  Spreading the love!  Enjoy the sunshine!


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