48 Hour Countdown: Greece/Turkey/Bulgaria

Let me preface this quick post by saying I LOVE TO TRAVEL! That being said, I just finished doing my laundry from the Santa Fe trip…in order to spend the afternoon folding it and putting it back into my suitcase rather than my closet.  I’ve learned some traveling lessons.

First thing: I will spend some extra $$ in order to avoid taking a red eye flight.  Leaving from Albuquerque at midnight with a 4 hour layover in JFK in order to get home to VT was GOD AWFUL.  I was so sleep deprived that I think I was hallucinating in JFK sitting in a sports bar with over a dozen screens all playing different things.  My brain was fried.  It was surreal and so, so, so not in a good way.  Not a kid anymore.  Enough said.

Second thing: I will leave more than a day or two between trips.  Wow.  What can I say, I really know how to self-sabotage apparently when that travel greed/gluttony gets the better of me.  But I think this time I’ve truly learned my lesson.  Sometimes you just have to feel that excruciating pain in order to have the long term memory log a permanent file.

Third thing: Use hand sanitizer every 5 minutes instead of every 15 minutes.  Got a head cold again from passing through airports and/or on flight.  Brutal!  Side note – try to build up a comprehensive med kit for travel.  Mine includes from a full spectrum of antibiotics to a couple of days of pain killers.  Ever got a toothache someplace in the world where you can’t just call a dentist?  It’s very special.  Agreed, there is nothing that can replace a strong immune system, and building it up allows for the very best defense against the enemy.  Flying, however, can challenge the healthiest of constitutions.  So have your remedies of choice ready should you get sick upon reaching your destination.  It is such a bummer to start your journey only to be cut down at the knees by a microscopic foe.

imageSo!  All that aside, I’m totally pumped to be catching my four flights on January 4th that will take me from VT to Philadelphia to London to Istanbul to Athens!! Yup, courtesy of Orbitz I will pass through Istanbul and then backtrack get to Athens but then a week later fly back to Istanbul.  Whew!

Stay tuned!



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