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Luxury Weekend Getaway To Lake Placid, NY

I love the Adirondacks, and Lake Placid in particular is part of my heart.  As a kid I spent summers there and a week of skiing between Christmas and New Year’s.  The sounds of summer were screen doors banging, boats crossing the lake at night, and finally as all the human generated sounds settled down, the loons calling to each other as I fell asleep.To this day the smell of outboard gas mix evokes intense emotions and memories, all deliciously comforting.  So what if people think I’m weird when my nose points in the direction of the gas pump!  In winter, hiking in and out of our camp (which had no road access year round) to hit the slopes for the day left a little frost bite damage on my fingers and toes, but I really don’t care!  Some of the best memories of my life happened in Lake Placid.  So let’s get right down to it and talk about a smashing place you can stay to experience this gorgeous place at its best in all its rustically elegant glory.

The Adirondacks in upstate New York provide some of the most dramatic mountains on the east coast.  Among the many resort towns that you can choose from within the six million acre state park, Lake Placid is also one of the most well known.  It has hosted the Winter Olympics twice, the most recent being in 1980.  It’s a world class training facility for athletes and holds events throughout the year.

53db163d6dec627b14a1731e_whiteface-lodge-lake-placid-lake-placid-new-york-104363-1There are a lot of places to stay, but hands down if you want to pull out all the stops and stay in a top notch hotel absolutely spilling over with elegance, you’ll want to check out the Lake Placid Lodge. Situated right on the water with a breathtaking view of Whiteface Mountain and the surrounding range, you can take full advantage of some of the best that the Adirondacks has to offer.  In 2005 a fire burned a large part of the original building down.  The careful design and rebuilding retained all the rustic appeal while adding to luxury appointments.  Having stayed there, had drinks and dinner many times there, and yes, even gotten married and had my reception there, I can tell you that their efforts did not go in vain.  This place is, quite simply, the bomb.

There is plenty to keep you occupied as well, whether it be warm or cold weather.  There are 46 peaks that boast an elevation of over 4,000 feet, among my favorites being Giant, Gothics, and of course, Whiteface.  If hiking isn’t your thing and all you want to do is hang out on the dock and sunbathe, no problem!  The staff can arrange horseback riding or fishing – pretty much anything you can dream up.  In the winter months, which we are now motoring into, Whiteface Mountain Ski Resort will not disappoint.  There are also the Olympic ski jumps which host events all winter long.  The town of Lake Placid boasts many good restaurants and shops as well.  It has everything one would expect an Olympic Ski Village to have, nestled in what is thought to be the most ancient mountain range in the world.  A stellar destination!



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