The Perfect Man

Allow me to introduce you to Hannibal, one of my two German Shepherds.  I have to tell you that I really hate to leave them behind when I travel, especially this one.  The other guy hangs out with my husband more, but this guy is all about me.  Fortuitously, he came to me via a family member who decided to hoist her backpack and wander the world – not for weeks at a time like me, but indefinitely.  So I guess technically you could say that I have him on a very long loan.  Jack pot!

But getting back to him…and me.  Yes, the sun rises and sets with me as far as Hannibal is concerned.  His hazel eyes follow my every move.  He always wants to be with me because he knows I’m lovely in every way, of course!  Recently a friend made the astute observation that Hannibal is the perfect man.  She’s right.  He’s stunningly handsome, no debating that.  He’s completely devoted and loyal, as strong as a horse and has the heart of a lion.  He is entirely self-assured without being egotistical.  He’s got a sense of humor.  He charms everyone he meets.  He’s consistent but never boring.  He even smells delish..albeit perhaps that’s an acquired taste.  He’s adventurous!  He makes friends wherever he goes.  One-on-one he’s a great conversationalist.  Mingling in a crowded smoky room full of party animals – no problem there, he is one!  He executes his entries and exits with style and panache.  He puts everyone at ease wherever he goes.  He brings people together.  He’s quite the social type.image As for no-goodnicks, he can spot them a mile away.  His capability to ferret them out is positively uncanny.  He’s an expert on body language.  No riffraff allowed!

For a blog that has a Relationships category I’d be remiss if I failed to include an article recognizing the unique role and impact that pets have in and on our lives.  So I say enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!  Take that extra 5 minutes for a stick toss!  Rub that adorable tummy!  Purchase that furry squeaky toy!  Buy that big bone!  You already know it’s a good investment.  And, after all, it’s that time of the year!


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