Tactical Training Weekend

Time flies.  Day after tomorrow I travel to Charlotte, NC, and then drive a couple of hours to Fayetteville where I’ll spend the weekend taking part in the threat assessment/tactical response course offered by Tim Kennedy and four other trainers, all experts in their field.  Anyone interested can check it out at

It has taken me some time and a little effort to make sure that when I arrive at Burlington Airport I won’t be tripped up by either American Airlines or TSA regarding my gun or my 500 rounds of ammo.  Turns out each airline has its own rules for maximum weight of ammo.  AA’s cut-off is 11 pounds, but other airlines maximum weight is as low as 6-7 pounds.  I weigh in at about 14 pounds so I’m leaving time to run back out to my car with 3 boxes if they call me on it.  Ammo is too expensive to be confiscated.image

Other than ammo weight, TSA guidelines are pretty clear.  Always remember to check the gun laws in the state you are flying to and the airports you are connecting through.  There are sad stories of people passing through JFK or DC and running into legal difficulties when a flight was delayed or cancelled and they retrieved their gun case.  Think: NYC Gun Laws.  That’s what you are dealing with when in the airport even for a connecting flight!  Being arrested, having to spend the money and heartache to lawyer up and fight is not a happy ending.  So please keep in mind airports of connecting flights and what your plans are should your trip be interrupted.  I have a small carry on that holds all of my basics.  In other words, I don’t throw my toothbrush and underwear in the suitcase that has my locked gun box and ammo, and I have no choice but to trust that the airlines will get it to its final destination.  Only then will I put my hands back on it.

I’ll be sure to follow up with an article about the training.  I’m psyched!


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