Tea, Selfie-Love and Getting Organized

I have been living with my various boxes of tea stacked in kitchen cupboards for my entire life.  Yeah, I try to keep them in rows, the herbals on the left, the green teas on the right, etc., and I have been cranky about the ugliness and un-zen-ness of it all for EVER.  A few years ago when restaurants began offering an array of teabag choices in a neat and tidy box I remember how entirely pleasing it was to me.  So why has it taken me this long to realize that I, too, can have an organized, pretty box of tea to choose from when I put my kettle on the stove?  Dunno.  But I finally got around to getting it together and I can tell you that it has added a new dimension to the already pleasant process of making a cup of tea.  Once again, it’s all about sending the correct message to oneself – that you need and deserve the rituals and self-treatments that promote mindfulness, and that make living, well, a form of art!

I found this bamboo tea box on Amazon for under $16.00 and as you can see I’m pretty happy with my results.  Each of the eight sections can hold up to 20 teabags – what usually comes in a standard box of tea.  It’s right on the countertop next to the stove, and now my vitamins are in the cupboard where the cardboard boxes of tea used to be housed – in alphabetical order, of course.

Little things can and do make a big difference.  Loving you begins with you, and no better way than to surround yourself with harmony, internally and externally.  Look around for a moment and I bet you can quickly identify several things you can do to achieve more harmony.  You don’t have to be a tea lover.  Obvious ones include going through one’s closet, or through the make-up collection and ditching what doesn’t work anymore (or has expired).  They can be rather daunting though, so start with something small and work your way up to working your way down.  Ideally we want to be surrounded by things that really speak to us or stuff we really need, and have it arranged in a way that makes us feel good when we look at it and/or put it to use.

My tea box has reminded me of what a difference it makes when I create an honored, special place to house one of my calming rituals.  And it will be really nice not to be ambushed by a cascade of boxes when I open the cupboard door.  That’s so rude!


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