What’s Style Anyway?

When most people hear the word “style” they think of clothes and accessories.  They think name brands that have become synonymous with the word such as Fendi and Prada, Gucci and Hermes.  No doubt about it, those companies and many others make some pretty luscious products, and I’ll be the first to admit that my heart has been known to quicken when my nose catches the scent of fine leather. I think we’d all agree that it’s definitely more fun to drive a Ferrari.  These are the props and expressions of style and altogether enjoyable to be sure.  But alone they will never afford one the elements of true style.image

So what are those mysterious qualities that we are reacting to in a woman (or a man for that matter) that makes us sit up and take notice?  What makes us admire an individual and want to emulate them?

I’ve seen stylish women of all different shapes, sizes, colors, ethnicities and ages all over the world, and what they all have had in common is that unmistakable quality of confidence that is born from a solid sense of self and their love of life.  They are the authors of their story.  They absolutely know that the time, energy and space that they both give and receive is precious and carry themselves with an air of confidence that clothing and accessories alone could never provide.  Sure, those things are the decorative icing on the cake – but if the genuine article isn’t there it’s just an empty shell and bound to eventually disappoint.  That je ne sais quoi comes from the heart.  We all have the raw material to develop a keen sense of style.  image

So along with building up that wardrobe, think about the difference between a cheap knock off and the real thing and apply it to how you treat yourself and others on a daily basis.  Not always easy but the real thing is ever so much more juicy – when we give it, we are creating and deepening our own style, and when we get it we sure as hell recognize it.


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